13 04 2018 Seyant

Seyant De Gris 1
Left: ‘Relique’ bag.
Upper right: ‘Gris-Gris’ clutch.
Lower right: ‘Amulette’ bag.

Left: ‘Amulette’ bag.
Background: ‘Amulette’ & ‘Relique’ bag.

Seyant De Gris 3
Right: ‘Amulette’ bag.

Fabriquer une icône

From the very beginning, they are (in)different

Even when they don’t wake-up visualising at a threshold of time—the beginning of something, the end of something; they remain sober

Like the books of Bret Easton Ellis, “they are an exercise in voice and character, an exploration.” 

They don’t often look terribly swerb

The excitement and adoration for them is rather alchemical and timeless

Love is their currency

Tender is the silent they tend to create

They are like the heroines of Stendhal: intransigent, faithful to their friends and the world.

Ce sont les idoles…

01 02 2012 Sacred Collection


Spirits are unknown as a whole. Regardless of what mass culture has made out of them, these creatures achieve life beyond their own stigma, thanks to Marianne Lehmann, a former Swiss diplomat who made her home in Port au Prince, Haiti, where she collected about 2,000 examples of Haitian sacred art over a twenty year period; and her curatorial work that goes beyond a simple collection.

This is a gesture of connection and respect in which tradition becomes a legacy.


“They thus share all their faults, their bad character, everything in between that makes them closer to the men,” said Lehmann.

“These divinities would live, therefore, among men… so to speak.”
Marianne L.


All photographs: De Gris’ archive.

12 08 2016 Natural Shades

The savoir-faire of the natural horn is part of the tortoiseshell’s legacy. The Haitian artisans of the horn jewels -in every De Gris bag- are the fruit of the evolution of the craftsmanship in times of  increased ecological conscience.


Letf: Vintage Eretmochelys imbricata tortoise shell photographed in Haiti by De Gris. Right: Natural Zebu Horn by Charles Negre.